27 junho 2016

Message to the future Prime Minister of United Kingdom

And to the British People

Dear Friends and Allies.

Congratulations for your attitude British friends.

Please ask your future Prime Minister to restore the EFTA - (European Free Trade Association), where Britain was before joining the E.U.

The remaining countries in this organization are: Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

This organization has a free trade agreement with E.U. The free trade agreement signed in Oporto in 1992.

If you will do that, other European countries may follow your example.

That will be very good for Europe.

In fact, the E.U, has been transformed into a federation, ruled by Germany and only serves the German interests.

Is not good for many European countries and they disrespected the will of the majority of the founding fathers, namely: 

Winston Churchill, Kalergi, Aristide Briand, Alcide de Gasperi, Charles De Gaulle, Paul Henry Spaak, Paul Van Zeeland, Konrad Adenauer and hundreds of many others.

So, please think about it.

The success of many European countries depends on your decision on this matter.

Best Regards

Miguel Mattos Chaves – PhD in European Studies


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